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Minx the cat

Shells'n'Bells is a website that reflects some of the interests, passions and life experiences of Shelley.

Shelley has lived with a debilitating chronic illness since December 1988, which has turned her life upside-down. She has had to face and deal with many issues that were not part of her life-plan!

She has a background in Nursing and Natural Therapies. Before the onset of her illness she travelled extensively across four continents (Africa, Asia, Europe and Australia) and was very fit and active.

In the late 1990s for several years, Shelley did voluntary work in a variety of roles for a not-for-profit organisation that supports adult survivors of child abuse and trauma. She has an interest in the impact of early childhood trauma on the brain, and its long-lasting effects into adulthood. She currently volunteers at The Anxiety Recovery Centre of Victoria (ARCVic) and is furthering her studies in Naturopathy and Building Biology. Building Biology looks at the impact of environmental influences on a person’s health. She recently completed The Electromagnetic Field Testing Certificate from The Australian College of Environmental Studies.

She is highly innovative and creative, embracing life's challenges and seeking to learn from them.
Shelley loves cats, especially her beloved Minx, whose photo features rather prominently on this website (in lieu of photos of Shelley)!

Shelley tries to live by the philosophy that life is not about 'things' but what counts is our relationships with each other. She loves being a great-aunty to her eight beautiful great-nieces and nephews.


'We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another.' – Luciano de Crescenzo